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Contact: Luke Aston
Carrigaholt Ireland Mobile Phone: ‘+353 87 6367544 Work Phone: ‘+353 65 9058209 Website: fishandstay.com
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We offer deep sea fishing trips for everyone from the experienced Sea Angler to the fishing novice, whether it is for a Day Charter or a complete Fishing, Accommodation and Food package.

boatClare Dragoon

LOCHIN 366, 650HP.
Skipper: Luke Aston
Licence: 1110
Base: Carrigaholt Operational Area: 30 miles from base.

Authorised blue fin tuna boat 2021

Notes: With Luke’s knowledge of the ground he can bring you to places that most skippers only dream about. Places that have never been fished with rod and line until now! Here you can catch large skate over 200 pounds in 100 meters of water! Spots of sand where a large selection of flat fish lurk, including Turbot, Brill and Large Place. Rock peaks with the chance of catching that Big Cod, Pollock or Ling to make this a fishing trip that you will always remember.


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Carrigaholt Ireland

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