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Dunmore East Angling Centre

Contact: John O’Connor
Dunmore East Ireland Mobile Phone: ‘+353 87 2682794 Website: dunmoreangling.ie
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Aquastar 38′. Perkins Sabre 350 HP
Skipper: John O’Connor
Licence: 785
Base: Dunmore East Operational area: 30
miles out from Dunmore East.

Notes: Wreck, Reef & Shark Angling, Diving, Scenic & evening trips, Rod hire & tackel sales, Tuition free. Bass, Coalfish, Cod, Conger, Dab, Flounder, Garfish, Gurnards, Haddock, Ling, Pollack, Pouting, Scad, Blue Shark, Ballan Wrasse, Cuckoo Wrasse and many more. This part of the Irish Coast has a large number of wrecks which are within an hour of Dunmore East.


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Dunmore East Ireland

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