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Contact: Jim Linehan
Cobh Ireland Mobile Phone: ‘+353 86 4091389
Photo of Deora Dé


Anglers aboard Deora De
Anglers aboard Deora De

Deora Dé

35′ Offshore 105. 400 HP Iveco
Skipper: Jim Linehan
Licence: 147
Base: Cobh Operational area: 30 nautical
miles of Ballycotton – Cork Harbour – Kinsale.

Notes: Deora Dé is a fast modern charter boat,
built to the skipper’s own specifications and exceeding the current
safety standards. Species of fish caught include: Blue Shark, Mackerel, Pollack, Cod, Whiting, Conger Eel, Ling, Wrasse, Gurnard, Garfish, Dogfish, Coalfish and many more!Full rod & tackle hire available with free tuition given. Free tea & coffee onboard.


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Cobh Ireland

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