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Straffan Ireland Mobile Phone: ‘+353 1 6017 200 Website: kclub.ie
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Guides and Instructors for salmon and trout fishing

River Liffey

Notes: The estate offers excellent fishing for salmon and brown trout. Salmon fishing is available over one mile of the River Liffey. Considerable fishery work has been done on the estate’s stretch, creating substantial holding pools and improving its fly life. Fishing on the Liffey is by fly only. All tackle and waterproof gear can be supplied. Boat, ghillies and tuition can be provided. Freezing facilities are also available.

Our lake

All fishing takes place on the bank of the lake which is easily accessible. During your session, expert Ghillies, (fishing guides) will transport you out to the bankside and will instruct and assist any novices in the art of fly casting. Many complete beginners have successfully caught plenty of the beautiful rainbow and brown trout in our lakes. In line with modern fishing ethics, fish are returned alive to the water, unless you specifically request otherwise.


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Straffan Ireland

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