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Contact: Pat Conneely
Roundstone Ireland Mobile Phone: ‘+353 87 2871012 Work Phone: ‘+353 95 35952 Website: seaanglingwest.net
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boatLady Marlyn

Lochin 40′. Twin 350HP
Skipper: Pat Conneely
Licence: 217
Base: Roundstone Operational area: Roundstone, Cleggan, Rossaveal.

Notes: Drift fishing over reefs yields Pollack, Ling, Cod, Coalfish, Wrasse and Mackerel and many others. Anchoring up and bottom fishing targets Ray and other flatfish. Over 20 different species can be caught and many groups thoroughly enjoy “Species Hunt” competitions. Blue shark are caught regularly and porbeagle can also be found.


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Roundstone Ireland

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