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Contact: Neil Doherty
Rathmullan Ireland Mobile Phone: ‘+353 87 2480132 Website: rathmullancharters.com
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Our fleet contains 2 state of the art boats designed specifically for Rathmullan Charters and the needs our crew and passengers. Both boats are equipped with everything needed to provide you with the perfect fishing or touring experience.

Rathmullan Charters specialize in Wreck, Reef, Tope and Shark Fishing. We also provide Sight seeing & Corporate Trips, Evening Fishing Trips & Cruises.

Both boats were designed and purpose built for Rathmullan Charters to provide state of the art sea angling and leisure cruise services.

Boats are easily boarded via our own new floating pontoon.

boatEnterprise I

38′ Aquastar. 225HP
Skipper: Neil Doherty
Licence: 858
Base: Rathmullan Operational area: Up to 20 miles out of base.

Notes: NWCSA member. Reef, wreck, tope and general inshore

boatSwilly Explorer

Interceptor 42′. 500HP
Skipper: Angela Cerrand
Licence: 1076
Base: Rathmullen Operational area: Up to 30 miles out of base.

Notes: NWCSA member. Reef, wreck, tope and general inshore


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Rathmullan Ireland

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