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Cleggan Sea Angling

Contact: Johnny King
Address Cleggan Ireland Mobile Phone: ‘+353 86 8328278 Work Phone: ‘+353 95 44649 Website: clegganseaangling.com
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boatWestern Kingfisher.

40′ Lochin. 420 HP Caterpillar
Skipper: Johnny King
Licence: 847
Base: Cleggan Operational area: 30 miles out from Cleggan.

Notes: The fishing grounds lie between Slyne Head to the south and Achill Head to the north, providing a wonderful variety and choice of marks, depending on conditions.
The season runs from April to October and during this time we fish Conger, Ling, Ray, Pollack and a variety of other species.
The season for Blue Shark is from July through to September.


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Cleggan Ireland

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