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An Foracha and An Crosan

Contact: Declan Bates
Kilmore Quay Ireland Mobile Phone: ‘+353 87 529736 Work Phone: ‘+353 53 9129684
Photo of An Foracha and An Crosan


ForachaAn Foracha

Offshore 105. 320 HP Iveco
Skipper: Declan Bates
Licence: 280
Base: Kilmore Quay Operational area:

Notes: Reef, wreck, tope and general inshore fishing.

boatAn Crosan

Interceptor 33′. 350 HP Cat
Skipper: Declan Bates
Licence: 312
Base: Kilmore Quay Operational area:

Notes: Sight seeing tours of the Saltee Islands and angling as for An Foracha.


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Kilmore Quay Ireland

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